Get your API keys


The Salescamp API uses API keys to identify and authorise calls to the developer API.

These tokens are managed through the Workspace Admin settings inside the Salescamp product.

Your API keys are able to authenticate to Salescamp and perform actions on your account so it's important that you keep them safe in the same way that you would a password.

We accept both Bearer and Basic HTTP Authentication. We recommend using Bearer Authentication.

If you are using HTTP Basic Authentication you should provide your API key as the Basic Authentication username. You can safely leave the password blank.

If you are using HTTP Bearer Authentication you should provide your API key in the Authorization header as the Bearer value.

To keep your API key secure you should always connect to the Salescamp API using HTTPS.


We group endpoints into families of similar endpoints that we refer to as Scopes.

When creating a token you will need to select which scopes you want the token to possess.

A token can only be used on the endpoints which it has been scoped for. Attempting to use an insufficiently scoped token will result in an Authorization error.

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