The Salescamp API builds on top of HTTP Status Codes to show errors to developers.

Where appropriate the API will include a detailed error message explaining the nature of the issue and how it can be resolved.

Client Errors

These errors are the result of an error on the side of the developer and will need to be addressed in your own code.

We will normally include further information to help resolve the error in the JSON body of the response.

Error CodeDescription


The input provided to the method was invalid. The response body will contain more details to help resolve the issue.


The token provided was not accepted. This could be because the token has been revoked or is incorrectly formatted.


The workspace this token is connected to does not have an active subscription.


The token provided is not authorized for the scope required. The response body will contain details including the scope that was missing.


The resource requested could not be found.


The IP address making the request has exceeded our rate limits. The request should be retried in a few minutes.

Server Errors

These errors indicate that something went wrong in our systems.

Errors of this category will automatically trigger notifications to our team and we'll start working behind the scenes to address the issue.

Error CodeDescription


An error occurred processing the request. This is normally an application error and will not be solved by retrying the request.


Our servers are too busy to handle the request. This issue is normally temporary and will be solved by retrying the request in a few minutes.

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