Our APIs are versioned so that we can continue to safely improve our APIs without affecting your existing code.

When we release updates to our API we will do so, where possible, in a backwards compatible way so that implementations relying on functionality of the API version do not need to be upgraded.

If we ship a change to our APIs that is not backwards compatible we will do so by releasing a new major version of the API such that the old version continues to work as originally described.

Rarely, we might need to remove an old version of the API entirely. Whilst we will try not to do that we will always notify the Administrators of any accounts that have used the deprecated APIs in the 30 days leading up to the deprecation.

Historic Documentation

We only provide documentation for the most recent version of our endpoints.

If you need to access information relating to a previous version of the endpoint please contact us at sanjay@salescamp.app

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